About Postcards from Heaven

I’m a follower of Jesus, a painter and a writer.  Every week in 2014 I will publish a new ‘postcard’ – a painting and some thoughts, perhaps a poem or a prayer.

A lot of the postcards will reflect the things that are happening or have happened in my life…  For me the themes of faith, surrender, rest and trust in the ever changing seasons of my life are always near the top of my conversations with God… And I hope that there will be notes in that melody that will resonate with you.  But I will also try to ask the Spirit each week for a picture that he can use to speak to the hearts of those that come and read them.  And I would love to hear your stories.


2 thoughts on “About Postcards from Heaven”

  1. Just to thank you for sharing your prophetic gift enabling us to hear God, be drawn into deeper relationship with him, be uplifted, blessed with hope and deepening our faith that He knows everything about us and our needs. I know the Holy Spirit has led me to your postcards from Heaven.

    I’m being truly blessed in catching up with your previous postcards, hearing and being touched by God deep in my heart. Bless you!! It’s hard to put into words what the mean to me…!


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