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welcomeHello!  Welcome to Postcards from Heaven.

These blog posts are a collection of paintings and words which I hope will help you to listen to God. Pray before you read them and ask God to speak – He will have things to say to you other than the ones I have written down!

If you’re new to hearing God’s voice – He can speak in a hundred different ways : through scriptures; teachers; wise friends; scenes from a movie; art; nature; our children; life experiences; drama; words; songs; music; road signs; books; tweets; even once through a donkey (!) …  Be open to what He has to say to you today.  Perhaps one of the pictures or ideas will communicate something to your heart that you can’t pin down in words – that’s OK.  Not everything we learn has to go through our language-  some truths are not easily tamed!

I do believe that God will always be true to His character as revealed in the Bible,  and that scripture is the plumb line that all ‘now’ words of God should be measured up to.   I also believe that He does want to talk to us and relate to us as individuals, that he has great and wonderful things to point out to us, and that there are some things we need to hear now and some that can wait until tomorrow.  A great prayer to pray is Jesus’:  “Give us today our daily bread” or put another way: “Show me today what I need to see today”.

There are two ways to use this collection.  There will be a new picture and reflection posted once a week during 2014:  you could choose to look each week or from time to time at the current postcard, reflect on it and see what God has to say, or you can flick through the archive until a picture or a title ‘winks at you’ and take some time with that one instead.  Either way, I hope and pray that God will speak, and that you will be blessed.

Yours in Him,


For further reading I highly recommend the book  How to Hear God: Keys to hearing God’s voice every day, by Lynne Lee.  Great for anyone who wants to hear God more in their lives.


2 thoughts on “Please Start Here”

  1. Ellie, this sounds like such a helpful resource to offer those who want to hear better from God. As my #oneword365 is ‘listen’, I don’t think it’s an accident that I have stumbled across your lovely blog! May God bless you in all you are doing to reach out to others via your images and words. 🙂


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