Clean Water

Ever had a problem with your water supply?

This week, my city has a problem.  The water pipes supplying some of the outlying villages have decayed and started releasing something toxic into the water.  No-one is sure where the problem is exactly, or how long it will take to fix, but you really don’t want to drink that water until they have!

So God has been speaking to me this week about the importance of keeping the supply pure, because the fountain of water that he has placed in each of us that chooses to follow him is not just for ourselves but also for all those around us.

“Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them” John 7:38 NIV

(In case you haven’t realised it yet – you are not just a kitchen tap, you’re a public water fountain.)

What the Nicosia Water Boards current problems have been whispering to me this week is this: “the pipes matter”

Have you ever drunk water through an old plastic bottle spout, or (if you’re really lucky) through your own sock at at youth event?   If you have, you’ll know that water inevitably tastes of whatever it has passed through.  And whatever living water you give out to others will pass through your heart on its way.

I’m feeling challenged this week because our dodgy water supply has reminded me that any bitterness, unforgiveness, cynicism or hatred in my heart will pollute the water that flows out me in my friendships, my relationships and ministry.  And if I don’t want to have these things in my heart slowly leaching toxic waste into the people around me then I need to do something about them.

All you amazing, extraordinary, wonderful fountains of living water reading this post, it’s time for us to get cleaned up  – there’s a world full of thirsty people out there and it’s time to get them a drink.



it's time to forgive

not saying I don't have a right
to be angry
or wounded
or hurt

but to stop
draw a line
make a choice

and put down those rights at the foot of the cross
with my pain
and my sin 
and my shame

and then
to walk away



5 thoughts on “Clean Water”

  1. Thank you Ellie. Another beautiful picture – clear, concise, meaningful & very helpful. This really spoke to me. Bless you for continuing to bless us with your insights my friend. Keep going!

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    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement Teddy. This week has been crazy busy and I was a bit late, but I’ve felt God speak to me really deeply through this word too – I so don’t want my ‘ministry’ to be like drinking through a sock! 🙂


  2. Thank you Ellie (and the Cypriot water supply). I am working very hard on keeping my pipes clean, which proves to be very hard with all the rubbish that is being added all the time. While the water is flowing I could just ignore the fact that I am slowly becoming polluted, but our Lord wants me to stay clean; not just for my piping system. x

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  3. So true I desire to be that fountain to all those who are in need of a long drink of his living water, and your gentle nudge gets me to make sure my supply is clean and fresh for myself and others to drink deeply .

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