The Father’s Heart

Sometimes, a picture can speak to places so deep in our hearts that too many words might just get in the way.

This postcard is one of my all-time favourites.

I’ve been saving it – but I’m posting it now as a testimony to what God has been doing in my heart lately.  I’ve ‘known’ this a long time… finally I’m starting to ‘get’ it.

If you too, have ever struggled to call your Heavenly Father ‘Abba’ or ‘Daddy’, to accept his unconditional love and embrace, then maybe you should spend some time with this picture this week, asking him to take the truth it represents and write it deep into your heart.




My child

when your heart is hurt
 don't turn your face away

when your soul is bruised
 don't break away and run

when all you have to bring is shame
 don't find a place to hide

turn to me, run to me,
 dive into my embrace
 and find your rest in your Father's arms


reflect white



For your Journal:

Take a while to look at this picture and write down what you feel God is saying to you through it.   Have a go at writing your own poem, or write a letter back to God to capture what it means to you to be this child; to be  welcomed and embraced by your ‘Abba’, to be unconditionally loved.


4 thoughts on “The Father’s Heart”

  1. This is really beautiful. Thx Ellie mou. Definitely worth waiting for. I’ll take time out next week, when both my girls & families have left, to reflect on it. xxxxx

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