On Resting…

This week’s postcard is this violin.

This instrument is completely beautiful, a piece of art in its own right.

Craftsman made; carefully designed and created with a specific task in mind.  A piece of art and a piece of engineering. Each part is doing a job and the whole is tuned and ready.

And yet, until it is resting on the shoulder of the master musician, and surrendering to the tune that he chooses to play, it cannot achieve its full potential.

So often we fight back, unable to trust and rest, unwilling to surrender to the tune the master wants to play with our lives.  While we are wrestling we are still beautiful, still the work of a master craftsman, still treasured by him; but when we rest on his shoulder, and he turns his face to us and lifts his bow- then we become what we were always intended to be.

I rest here
on your shoulder
confident in you
my maker, my friend
I rest here
on your shoulder
laying down my right
to wield the bow
or write the tune
I rest here
confident, assured
knowing that the song
you have in mind for me
will be the one my heart
was made to sing

On Resting...

7 thoughts on “On Resting…”

  1. Thanks for this Ellie. A beautiful picture. I definitely need to rest on His shoulder right now! xxxxxxx

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  2. What lovely imagery! The thought of still being loved while we wrestle away is reassuring in our times of conflict and confusion. And resting in the master craftsman’s hands, becoming gently responsive to His touch, yields the beautiful music we were created to make. Beautiful thoughts. Thank you, Ellie. 🙂


    1. Thanks Joy! This one is especially precious to me as shortly after I painted it for the first time a guy started playing the violin in worship in our church. Every time I see him with his face turned into the violin and his eyes closed, lost in the music he’s playing, I think of this picture and it takes my breath away.


      1. How lovely to have a constant reminder before you. There is much to take our breath away in the thought of God making melody out of the messy mosaic of our lives. 🙂 x


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