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profileMy name is Ellie Hart and I live with my family on the island of Cyprus on the edge of the Middle East.

I love the Bible, my family, painting, reading, speaking, writing, walks in the sunshine and spending time drinking tea with my friends.

God speaks to me mainly through pictures, and He is often gracious enough to give me words of encouragement or insight to share  with people I am praying for.

I also love to paint in watercolour and over the past few years I’ve begun to try to use my skills as a painter to make those pictures from God into ‘Postcards from Heaven’ to give to the people I have the privilege to pray with.   I’ve given away hundreds of these 3×5 inch pictures to all kinds of people, in church, at new age fairs, through the post; each with a message of something that God wants to say to them today.

Then last year someone came to me with a prophetic word for me to pray about and ‘weigh up’.  It was an encouragement from God to pull together a collection of pictures and words that he could use to speak to many people.  To use some of what I’ve learned through 35 years with Jesus,  moving from one season of life and faith to another, to encourage others on their journey.  Postcards from Heaven is one step on the way towards that vision.

12 thoughts on “About the author”

  1. What a beautiful concept and site you have here, Ellie! Just dropped in for the first time from the ACW FB page where your latest post was shared. Lovely to have discovered you. God bless. 🙂


  2. I’ve only recently discovered Postcards from Heaven….and this is truly what you post, Ellie!! They are so powerful, uplifting, comforting and precious. Am still catching up and have been truly blessed by each one. Am excited with anticipation and expectation to your future postcards and what God has to reveal through them. Thank you!


  3. Glorious Ellie, I will tell you personally on Sunday and I now see how I can purchase a couple of copies but would you happen to have any with you as that would truly save on postage? Pretty please?


  4. A heart felt thank you Ellie. Your artistic look at how the ordinary is reflected in the spiritual is always inspiring in it’s simplicity and depth of thought. Lisa from Perth, WA


    1. No, I’m not. Thanks for sharing my posts though! I guess I should force myself to tweet, but it doesn’t come naturally 🙂 I’m considering employing my teenage daughter to run an instagram account though, so perhaps she could set up twitter as well!

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